Philippines. Image via unsplash  - Giuliano Gabella Philippines. Image via unsplash  - Giuliano Gabella

#ThursdayGood Journal: The one where I tell you how it really started

By Nicole Almanzor

Philippines. Image via unsplash  - Giuliano Gabella Philippines. Image via unsplash  - Giuliano Gabella

Let me tell you how it really started...


If you've been around awhile, you might have heard that THEIT was born in the streets of Paris. Yes, I was somewhere along Champs-Élysées when the light bulb turned on.


As I peered onto the windows of beautiful designer stores ogling at their gorgeous quilted beauties, thoughts like “Why cant THAT be a camera bag” took over my being. So I went on to do exactly that. 


(Anyone remember our very first design? Why hello, The Bossi bag.)


But the thing is, that light bulb might have been on way before that.


Looking back, it must've already been on when I took the job as a flight attendant so I can travel the world and tell peoples' stories. There was just something about travelling to far away places and capturing stories of real people beyond the glitter of our fave tourist landmarks that called me endlessly.


It must've been on that day I vowed to own my own business so I can hire women from the underserved communities from my mother land, The Philippines. Since the beginning I always dreamed of building an empire so I can empower others to believe they too can make theirs happen. I wanted to start a business that had a purpose, and that has always been one of mine.


What's the point of my story you ask? 


The point is, we are all made of beautiful tangled stories. Stories that only we can tell the world. 


For the longest time, I have always felt called to tell other peoples stories. But hardly ever mine. I didn't think I had stories people want to hear, until someone reminded me of mine. 


So here I am, asking you — What's your story? 


I know you have one because you've made it this far reading mine. And I can tell, from my little corner over here, that you are ready to finally take your space and share yours too.


I am all ears , friend









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