When life gives you lemons 🍋 ... When life gives you lemons 🍋 ...

When life gives you lemons 🍋 ...

By Nicole Almanzor

When life gives you lemons 🍋 ... When life gives you lemons 🍋 ...

I almost called it quits.

A few months ago, as many of us would be oh so familiar with, we were handed a big ol’ lemon. It was an unexpected one and one we so didn’t see coming.

At the peak of the pandemic, we found ourselves bouncing from one challenge to another. From manufacturing delays, investment losses, production halts, slow decline in sales (and understandably so!), shipping delays and the list goes onnnn.  

So most days, it felt easier to just move on and call it even. I thought to myself, 'hey maybe its time to pursue my other passions or perhaps that new project that has been nudging me finally deserves its spotlight. 

But instead, I remembered what my good friend Jacklyn instinctively would often tell me.

She reminded me to breathe.

So breathe I did. I embraced the slowing down and instead took the time to get to know me again. I prioritized self care and made time for things that I always didn't have time to do. I meditated, started running again, slept in an extra 25 mins, and even made sourdough bread. I put myself first. I let go of the oars and allowed ease to take me exactly where I've always been meaning to.

And then magic happened. Clarity. Flow. Ease. Inspiration. Creativity. Opportunities. New friends (S/O to the most amazing WFH community, who ultimately inspired the title of this post). And for the first time in a long time, I was reminded of my ‘why hell yeah’.

I want the same for you.

My friend Jacklyn just recently launched Soothe School. Besides her being one of the most brilliant people I know (you need to read her story here) she also has created a program that I believe every single one of us need. Now more so than ever.

“We are being called to show up in bigger ways and with higher levels of consciousness than ever before.Yet, we cannot do that without ensuring our own cups are overflowing, first. " Jacklyn Denise

We need to replenish to rise. I believe this to be true. So true that I wanted to make sure YOU have the chance to create the same magic for you. Because you deserve it, and the world needs US. The fullest most replenished versions of us.
I'm so excited to share that we have secured a spot for one incredible human for a full scholarship to Soothe School — starting this Sunday Aug 16th! 

CLICK HERE —— For more details on Soothe School and to apply for the scholarship . Hurry applications are open only until Friday Aug 14! (Value of $247)

Join us, lets replenish together.  xo, Nicole



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